Set up your BT MyDonate web page by following these instructions
Getting your sponsorship through your own page on the BT MyDonate website is the easiest and most convenient way to raise funds for your chosen cause.  It is also proven that on average you will raise more if you do it this way rather than on a paper sponsorship form.  If however you wish to collect sponsorship on paper then see the instructions further down this page entitled: Printing out your Sponsorship Forms.
Walking in Groups:
If you are the Group Leader, let each member of your group know your chosen group name. All group members should quote the group's name when registering for the walk.
Each group member should then set up their own sponsorship page on BT MyDonate as outlined under "Individual Walkers" below.
Individual Walkers:
If you are already registered as a fundraiser on BT MyDonate start at step 5 below, otherwise follow the steps below
    1.    Click: here  to go to the Walk page on BT MyDonate (or type this address: into your browser) and then click on the ‘Start Fundraising’ button.  
    2.    Click on ‘Register a Personal Account’
    3.    Complete the form and click on ‘Create a Personal Account’
    4.    You will see a confirmation box which advises that an email is being sent to your email address, check to make sure you have received this email
    5.    Click here to go to the Walk page on BT MyDonate (or type this address: into your browser) and log in using the email address and password you selected above
    6.    Click on Start Fundraising and you will see a page confirming that you will be raising funds for the Rotary club of Chandlers Ford & Itchen Valley. If you know how much money you are planning to raise, you can enter your target into the box, otherwise leave it blank.
    7.    Check the relevant boxes if you are receiving any benefits from the charity you are fundraising for (e.g. accommodation, flights or meals). If you are, your donations will not be eligible for Gift Aid.
    8.    Tick the box to receive information (e.g. news, events, appeals etc.) from the charity you are fundraising for. We may need to contact you about your fundraising event.
    9.    Next, you need to build your fundraising page. You have 30 minutes to complete your page before your session times out. Add page titles, information about you and your event details. You can upload an event image (and add additional images later by editing your event once it’s created). Include a memorable web page address and add any offline donations which will also show on your page. You can choose whether you want your URL to be searchable on MyDonate and also whether you want to be notified whenever someone makes a donation to your page.
IMPORTANT - Remember to tell your sponsors what charity or cause you are walking for; a suggested wording is “Although the Walk is organised by the Rotary Club, I am raising funds for (insert your charity/cause name) and 80% (or 70% if collected manually) of the money I raise plus Gift Aid where appropriate will go directly to them.  The remaining proportion will go to Rotary Charities”.
    10.    When a donation is made to your fundraising page, the donor will automatically receive a confirmation and thank you email from MyDonate. It’s a good idea to personalise this by adding your own message.
    11.    On creating your page, you will see a confirmation screen, you’ll also receive an email containing your clickable URL so that potential donors can easily visit your page and make a donation.
To print these instructions click on 'Print Page' at the foot of the page.
Printing out your Sponsorship Forms.
If you prefer to sign up sponsors face to face, you can print a paper sponsorship form by clicking on the download arrow of either the PDF or Word file name at the foot of this page, for completion by hand. There is also a 'continuation' sheet if you fill up your first page!
Please encourage your sponsors who are tax payers to complete their postal address details and tick the "Gift Aid" box as this allows us to collect Gift Aid from HMRC that adds an extra 25% to their sponsorship at no cost either to the sponsor or yourself!


Key points for submitting sponsorship money:

You must send the money you collect to the Walk Registrar - NOT directly to your chosen charity.
  • If you are using BT MyDonate then you do not have to do anything other than chase up and encourage your sponsors. The money including Gift Aid is sent directly to us. See the BT MyDonate instructions above for details of how to set this up.
  • If you are using paper Sponsorship forms, when collecting the monies please try to ensure that all sponsors who are income tax payers tick the Gift Aid column and give their address and postcode. This will enable us to reclaim an extra 25% from HMRC at no extra charge to you or your sponsor. You must enclose the original completed Sponsorship Form to the Walk Registrar when you submit the money collected otherwise we cannot collect this extra 25% from the Government.
  • Cheques should be made payable to the 'Rotary Club of Chandlers Ford and Itchen Valley' and sent with the Sponsorship Sheets to:

    Itchen Walk Registrar

    Rotary Club of Chandlers Ford and Itchen Valley

    c/o Potters Heron Hotel




    SO51 9ZF

  • You can also pay online by bank transfer to ‘Rotary Club of Chandlers Ford and Itchen Valley', Account No: 06214908, Sort Code: 52-21-18. Please ensure that you reference ‘Itchen Walk' and include your Walk Registration number(s). It would also be a great help if you could also send an email to: with the transfer details. However, the completed paper Sponsorship Sheets still need to be posted to the Itchen Walk Registrar at the above address for us to claim the extra 25% Gift Aid.


Once the money from all walkers has been collected, we will apply for Gift Aid, then consolidate these and distribute 80% of the total (70% if collected manually) to the chosen charities and the remainder to Rotary Charities. Please be aware that the process may take several weeks to complete depending on the number of walkers which participate.


We will start contacting walkers who have not yet submitted their sponsorship money about three weeks after the walk. If you have any queries regarding sponsorship, please contact:


"The Rotary Club of Itchen Valley" is a Registered Charity - No: 292575

You can contact us at

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