Brief Details
The walk will take place on Sunday 10th June 2018 from Kings Worthy to Chandlers Ford along the Itchen Valley, following the River Itchen and the Itchen Navigation. If you do not wish to walk the whole length which is about 10 miles long, then you can start instead at Bar End, Winchester and walk about 7 miles.
Your sponsorship money will go to your chosen cause and to Rotary charities. The registration fees are to cover the walk administration and costs.
Anyone can take part, although under-14's must be accompanied by an adult.
The walk will be well signed and marshalled and will take place on well established footpaths. There will be medical cover in case of illness or mishap.
Sensible footwear is recommended.
You will be checked-in at Fryern Pavilion and transported by bus to your start point - you will be informed of the timings for this. The finish will take place at Fryern Recreation Ground in Chandlers Ford. If you don't reach Otterbourne Recreation Ground until after 4:00pm we will arrange transport for you back to Fryern.
If you register before 31st March 2018 there is a 20% discount to the registration fee at £8.00 for adults and £4.00 for children under 16. After that date the registration fee will be £10.00 for adults and £5.00 for children under 16.  Walkers in large groups will be entitled to a further discount and will be refunded 10% of the registration fee when their group registrations reach 10 or more.
You are encouraged to use the BT MyDonate facility to collect your sponsorship money: see the Sponsorship page for instructions on how to do this.
General Advice and Information

The walk along the Itchen is well signposted. To assist you on the walk however we will be erecting additional signs along the route.
Countryside Code
We would ask you all to spend a minute reading this short piece of advice before you commence the walk.
  • Be safe – plan ahead and follow signs. In particular walk in single file when by necessity you have to walk on, or across metalled roads, on narrow paths and/or alongside water.

  • Generally, keep to the left of the path to allow oncoming walkers and faster overtaking walkers to pass without hindrance.

  • Leave gates and property as you find them.

  • Protect plants and animals and take your litter home.

  • Keep dogs under close control.

  • Consider other people. 

Leaving the Walk Early
If for any reason you decide to leave the walk before reaching the Fryern Recreation Ground, you must telephone us on the number you will be provided with on the map sheet. Kindly hand in your identification tag to any marshal as we only have one of each number.


Walkers who arrive at Otterbourne Recreation Ground later than 4:00 pm will be transported to the finish at Fryern Recreation Ground.

The walk will be marshalled all along the route and should you have any difficulties then please make contact with a Marshal (wearing a yellow tabard), who will be carrying a mobile phone.

First Aid
We will have medical services available all day. Our Marshals can call the medical services team at a moment’s notice. The Marshals should also be able to deal with minor First Aid issues. In the unlikely event that a walker needs immediate medical assistance and you are unable to locate a Marshal, the Emergency number is printed on the map sheet. It is imperative that should you feel ill, you contact a Marshal immediately. We also strongly suggest that if you are walking independently you team up with a “buddy” for obvious reasons.

Toilets are available at Fryern Pavilion, Winchester Broadway, Bar End Park and Ride, Winchester and Otterbourne Recreation Ground. You will also be passing several pubs on the way: the Bridge at Shawford, and the Old Forge, The White Horse and The Otter at Otterbourne. If you use their facilities please patronise the pubs as well.

We will have bottles of water available at the Fryern Pavilion registration point and at Otterbourne Recreation Ground. In addition many of our Marshals will have a small supply of water.

Wildlife and Points of Interest 
The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust have been working to conserve the Itchen navigation and have produced some interesting leaflets about walking different parts of the Navigation, providing information about the wildlife to look out for and points of interest. Go to the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust Itchen Navigation web page to find out more. 
Main Details
Sunday 10th June 2018
From Kings Worthy to Fryern Recreation Ground Chandlers Ford, passing alongside the River Itchen, through Winchester, alongside the Itchen Navigation and through Otterbourne.
What walks are available
After registration at Fryern Pavilion you will be taken by bus to commence your walk at Kings Worthy to walk the whole route, or to Bar End, Winchester to commence the shorter walk.
Who can take part
Anyone can participate, but children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
There are no fitness requirements, although you should feel comfortable in your ability to complete your walk. If you are in any doubt about a medical condition you have, you should consult your GP beforehand. It is hoped that the route will be suitable for those with disabilities - if you have a disability and would like to take part please contact and we will provide more details.
Family and friends are all very welcome so why not encourage them to seek their own sponsors and join you on the walk.

A few people like to bring their dogs on the walk. Please let us know if you are intending to do this and please ensure your dog is kept under control, particularly where passing the Winnall Moors Nature Reserve.
How difficult are the walks
The footpaths we are using are all well established. The route has been checked for suitability by our Health and Safety officer, and no part of the route takes you away from normal public footpaths. The footpaths are however well-trodden and uneven in places - so please take care and watch your step!
There are nettles alongside the footpath in places - you are therefore advised to wear something which covers your legs. Appropriate footwear and wet weather clothing should be worn in the event of bad weather. If you are walking slowly and arrive at Otterbourne Recreation Ground after 4:00pm you will be transported to the finish.
In the event of really unusually bad weather we will consider whether the event should be cancelled and will inform you via email.
The whole route will be manned by Rotarians and other marshals. They will help you if you require it and answer any questions you may have. The marshals will 'close' the route after the last walker has passed through each section. It is important that you keep to the designated route in order for us to manage the event properly.
Where is the check-in?
All walkers must check-in on the day at the Fryern Pavilion. This is a requirement to ensure that we are aware of your presence on the walk. You will receive your final briefing notes and will be given the necessary identification tags.
Walkers will be transported by bus to their walk start point. You will be advised of timings by email after you have registered, as we near the date for the walk.
Medical cover will be available in the unlikely event of any medical problems. Please contact a marshal as soon as you are aware of any need for such assistance.
The finish
The walk will finish at Fryern Recreation Ground, where you will have checked-in earlier in the day. You will be welcomed by Rotary walk officials. When you return your identification tag you will be presented with a certificate to mark your successful completion of the walk.
What next
Click on the 'How to Register' page which gives you instructions on registering for the walk. Registration can be done quickly and easily on this web site, and the registration fee can be paid via card or PayPal.
You are encouraged to use our BT MyDonate facilities to raise your sponsorship funds, it is known to be a more successful way of generating such funds - just follow the instructions on the 'Sponsorship' page. If you prefer however you can generate sponsorship 'face-to-face' by downloading and printing the sponsorship forms. In this case sponsorship monies can be submitted manually - just follow the instructions to do this.
How the sponsorship money is used
The Rotary Club of Chandlers Ford and Itchen Valley is a registered Charity under the name 'Rotary Club of Itchen Valley', Registered Charity number 292575, and members provide their time as unpaid volunteers. All sponsorship proceeds of the walk will be donated to community groups or charities.

It has been shown that those who make use of on-line sponsorship can generate up to 4 times more than those who utilise the paper based Sponsorship Form. In addition, time spent on managing the collection and distribution of sponsorship is significantly reduced and gets to your chosen charity quicker when on-line sponsorship is used. To encourage the use of our on-line sponsorship we increase the funds your cause will receive when you use this method: 

  1. We will give 80% to your chosen recipient when you use BT MyDonate.     
  2. We will give 70% to your chosen recipient if you use paper-based sponsorship.
The remaining sponsorship money you collect will be distributed to Rotary supported charities and good causes. You are encouraged to request your supporters who are UK tax-payers to sign up to the Gift-Aid section of the sponsorship forms, which can significantly boost their donations without further cost to them.
We aim to distribute the sponsorship monies as soon as possible after the walk. It will take some time to collect all sponsorship monies, so please encourage all your sponsors to pay as soon as possible.
How will the Rotary proportion be used
We raise money for local, national and international charities and good causes. We are part of Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland (RIBI) which is an association of Rotary members, clubs and districts. It is part of Rotary International, a worldwide organisation with 1.2 million members in over 200 countries and geographical areas.

Rotary clubs are based in local communities across the world with its members meeting on a regular basis for fun and friendship and to plan projects that will benefit the lives of others.

We are already well known for providing accommodation to thousands of people affected by earthquake, flood and famine through the Shelter Box programme. There are many other such programmes supported by Rotary. Through the efforts of our programme called ‘Polio Plus’, Rotary has virtually eradicated polio from the world.

Closer to home, our Rotary Club has in the past supported local groups such as Eastleigh Young Carers and Age Concern in Chandlers Ford. We were instrumental in establishing an Arthritis Care Club in Chandlers Ford, and in 2014 we worked with the Stroke Association to establish a new Stroke Club in Chandlers Ford. We often provide support for the local services of national charities such as the Alzheimer's Society and MacMillan Cancer Care. We are for communities!

You can contact us at